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GenAI Judge
for Your Resume

Meet Resume Judge, an AI tool that digs deep into your resume and offer a clear, fair, interesting insights about your Resume skills and potential.

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Upload your resume and get an instant, comprehensive analysis from our GenAI Resume Judge, with clear insights into your Skills, Experiences, Strengths, improvement areas, Possible Careers, Resume Tone, Mindset and an overall score to benchmark your resume's effectiveness

Comprehensive Resume Judgement

Receive an in-depth analysis of your resume highlighting areas of strength and potential improvements and much more.


Objective Resume Scoring

Get an impartial AI-generated score for your resume, helping you understand how it stacks up against industry standards.

Resume Tone

Understand whether your resume showcases you as an achiever or a doer, and get tips to strike the right balance.

Personalized Feedback

Get detailed feedback and actionable recommendations tailored to your unique resume content.

Skill Analysis

Identify the skills you're demonstrating most prominently in your resume and get suggestions for other valuable skills to consider.

Recommended Job Roles

Get a list of jobs Roles, best suited to your skills and experiences as per your resume

Grammar/Typos Check

Ensure your resume is free of spelling and grammar errors .

Generative AI

Using generative AI technology based on large language models (LLMs) to compare your resume with the job description, and get better results.

Sample Result

Applying for a Job?

Check how good your resume is for the job you are applying for, with our Resume Shortlister AI Tool. It gives you a score and explains how to improve your resume, to help increase chances of your resume, getting shortlisted for the job.

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